September Team 2023

Posted on 27th October 2023

Once again Mike Houlihan and Mandy Cooper offered to volunteer at the PAWS clinic for 2 weeks. They were assisted by Jenny Proctor in the first week and Amy Readthorn in the 2nd week. Amy in fact arrived early in order to celebrate Mike's birthday. The team enjoyed a lovely meal together finishing with Faye presenting Mike with a fantastic cake. 
As always the team did a fantastic job neutering stray cats as well as tending to various emergencies and looking after numerous kittens that were brought to the clinic.

Mandy's report of the visit:

Mike, Jenny and myself arrived in Paxos on the Saturday evening to wonderful autumn sunshine. We enjoyed a relaxing Sunday in preparation for the week ahead.

We arrived at the clinic on the Monday morning to a new set of stainless steel kennels with five very cute kittens in residence! 

Later that day a tiny black and white kitten that had been found in the road, was brought into the clinic. He was only 3-4 weeks old, but appeared healthy and was just able to eat and drink with some assistance. He was named Garfield and was fostered by Di.

In fact there seemed to be a constant stream of kittens coming and going from the clinic throughout our two week visit this year. The new kennels have certainly been put to good use!(photo).

This year we were in Paxos for Mike’s birthday. we celebrated with Faye, Di and her husband Ian as well as Amy who had travelled to Paxos in preparation for our second week at the clinic. Faye surprised Mike with a cake at the end of the evening, I think he enjoyed himself!

Our second week as usual seemed to fly by even quicker than the first week, with yet more kittens! 

This year we neutered 104 cats in total. The cats overall were in a good condition and appeared healthy. Other findings included mainly ear mites, sun damage to the face and ear pinnae and eye ulceration. Other procedures included two dentals, an eye enucleation, one euthanasia and many examine and treat kittens as well as one bird.

Many thanks goes as usual to the expert cat trapping team who enable us to do our job, we certainly couldn’t do it without them. A special thanks goes to both Faye and Di who looked after us all during our stay, assisting with the neutering procedure as well as caring for the many kittens hospitalised during our stay: kittens are cute but very messy! 

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