Fund Raising and Donations

PAWS needs to raise money to underpin all its services.

Our major costs are:

  1. Bringing volunteer vets and vet nurses to Paxos and providing them with accommodation and car hire.
  2. Supplying equipment and medicines for treatment.
  3. Equipping the PAWS surgery at Magazia.
  4. Providing food and feeding stations for winter feeding of cats.
  5. Continue our education programme.

Please click here if you would like to donate or sign up to Easy Fund Raising.

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Do you shop online? Then please use Easy Fundraising to help PAWS on Paxos.

The charity is signed up to easyfundraising. It is a simple way to utilise all of your online shopping spending into raising funds for PAWS.

Easy fundraising has over 7000 brands registered and it is very straightforward to sign up using the easyfundraising website or app.

If you make a purchase a commission is generated between 3-4% and easyfundraising turns this into a donation. It does not cost you anything as any costs are covered by the brand.

Lots of well known businesses are involved like M&S, Waitrose, Sainsbury,, Screwfix, Tesco and TalkTalk to name just a few.

Please register... it only take 2 minutes to join and once you are registered, you are good to go.

The link is here...

PAWS on Easyfundraising

There is a short explanatory video on the easyfundraising website if needed.

How can I donate to PAWS?

When on Paxos, you can donate at the PAWS clinic in Magazia or in the numerous collection boxes in shops and restaurants around the island.

In the UK you can donate through bank transfer, Payal button or if you shop online, by using Easyfundraising - please click the link below or go to the 'Contact us' page for details.

Contact Us

Each year PAWS raises money in the UK by applying to various animal organisations for grants. On Paxos, money is raised by fund raising events and donations from tourists either into our collection boxes or directly into the PAWS bank account.

The money collected from both sources is primarily for veterinary services at the PAWS clinic in Magazia. We pay the expenses of vet teams or give individual vet doctors an allowance. Although we are given financial help from various sponsors with the purchase of drugs and supplies, our yearly bill is quite substantial so extra fund raising is important.

PAWS is also committed to helping with the winter feeding of cats. This commitment is currently around 3000 euros per year.

In 2017 PAWS arranged for volunteers on Paxos to empty the collection boxes that are distributed around the island in offices, shops and restaurants.

PAWS greatly appreciates all the donations that are made and all the money is put towards improving animal welfare on Paxos.


On-Island Supporters

paws il pareo

IL PAREO have 3 shops on Paxos. They erected this tricycle outside their shop in Gaios inviting customers to donate to have their photo taken by the display. It has been a huge success!

PAWS is very appreciative of the fund raising efforts of IL PAREO and other businesses on Paxos that support the charity's work.

The Table Top sales in aid of PAWS continue to be very successful. Organised by Pam & Les Davis and held at Carnayo restaurant, these events raise between 500 - 600 euros every year.

PAWS is very grateful to everyone who helps with this event.

PAWS is sincerely indebted to the following for their staunch long-term support:

Katerina & Giorgis Kondaris and their daughter Emilia for donating their garden flat to PAWS to use as a temporary surgery in Gaios for five years from 2008-2013, and offering discounted accommodation at their Baronessa's apartments.

Ray Lythgoe (who sadly died in 2021) and Suzy Russell for their unstinting support with every aspect of PAWS work. During the winter of 2012/13, Ray made a substantial contribution to the renovation work at the new surgery - see photo gallery.

Faye Lychnou, who has consistently helped with PAWS administration and is a wonderful go-between and translator during discussions with the mayor. We are delighted that she has now become one of the PAWS trustees.

Di & Ian Mitchell - who are devoted to helping PAWS at the clinic and with fostering. Di is now a PAWS trustee.

Pano and his family of Planos Holidays for offering substantial discounts on car hire.

Derek & Jenny Dobbs and Costas & Emily for providing excellent working accommodation and hospitality in Loggos and Lakka respectively before the opening of the new clinic.

Carol at Paxos Magic who is always very welcoming and extremely supportive of PAWS. She takes care of the winter feeding in Gaios and is a wizard at organising the transport arrangements between Corfu and Paxos.

The winter feeding teams who are dedicated to keeping the feral cats well fed during the winter months.

The volunteers that help catch cats for the vet teams plus the other volunteers too numerous to mention that live on Paxos.

Grants and Events

PAWS is very grateful to all the following organisations that have supported our charity:

  • Greek Animal Rescue (GAR)
  • Greek Cat Welfare Society (GCWS)
  • Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) and Marchig Trust
  • France-Hayhurst Foundation
  • Shuman Trust
  • SNIP International
  • Dogs Trust, giving substantial support to the new surgery
  • Paxos Municipality
  • Simpson Villas
  • Ionian Island Holidays
  • Animal Action in Athens
  • Brigitte Bardot Foundation who funded the 2013 & 2014 Animal Action Neutering Programme

jeans sainsbury 40th award logo


PAWS is delighted to have been chosen by Jean Sainsbury for a special award to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Jean Sainsbury have supported our charity for the last 8 years and we are extremely grateful for their help. We hope that they will continue to sponsor us for many more years.

We are also delighted in 2023 to have received grants from GCWS and GAR towards our neutering campaigns.
WVS has also generously donated £1630.00 worth of suplies for the PAWS clinic.

Melanie Colvin who volunteered for PAWS for the first time in April 2023 has also raised £400 from donations made by family and friends at the Pet Care Veterinary Surgery. We are extremely grateful to her for all her hard work.

2021 / 2022

Grants were obtained from Greek Animal Rescue, Greek Cat Welfare Society, Jean Sainsbury, WVS and France Hayhurst.


Greek Animal Rescue donated £3000 towards our Dog Neutering Voucher Scheme. France- Hayhurst donated £3600 towards the purchase of a new autoclave and an oxygen concentrator.

WVS donated £500 worth of supplies. Greek Cat Welfare Society donated £2000 for cat neutering.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the UK vet teams due to Covid restrictions.


GAR donated £2000 to dog neutering as well as offering help to buy supplies and traps.

Jean Sainsbury donated £2000 towards running costs.

GCWS donated £2000 towards cat neutering.


Greek Animal Rescue (GAR) donated £2000 towards a dog neutering programme.

WVS donated £2000 worth of supplies for Rick Appleton's visit to the PAWS clinic in April

Jean Sainsbury donated £2000 towards the running costs of the PAWS clinic

2016 / 2017

Jean Sainsbury donated £3000 in March 2016 and £3000 in February 2017 to help with the running costs of the PAWS clinic.

In February 2016, The Dogs Trust UK agreed to a grant of £4600 for roof repairs at the PAWS clinic.

France-Hayhurst Foundation donated funds for us to buy an Ultrasound machine with 2 probes and a microscope.

WVS and Marchig contributed to flight costs and expenses of 2 vet teams and donated over £2000 worth of supplies in 2016. Once again in 2017 they donated £2000 worth of supplies and helped with the expenses of 2 vet teams.

Paxos munipality donated 1500 euros in 2016 and 200 euros in 2017 towards supplies.


Jean Sainsbury donated £1000 to help with the building of new feeding stations and Paxos municipality donated 1000 euros for supplies. WVS and Marchig contributed to flight costs for vet teams and donated over £1000 worth of supplies.

PAWS is grateful to the continued support of UK organisations and to the many tourists and locals on Paxos who donate money either directly to the PAWS bank account or via the collection boxes on the island.

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