April Team 2023

Posted on 26th April 2023

We decided, with the help of WVS, to arrange for a UK vet team to visit Paxos in early April. Olivia Grice and Hannah Prince applied through WVS and Heather Birrell came as friend and work colleague to Olivia and Melanie Colvin approached PAWS through the website.

Well...what a team they were! Despite ferry difficulties on arrival, they were enthusiastic, upbeat and very efficient. Trustees Faye & Di made them extremely welcome as well as acting as trappers along with our other wonderful volunteers.

During their stay, they neutered 119 cats, performed 3 eye operations and one foot amputation...details of this below.

Two seagulls were brought into the clinic with broken wings but sadly couldn't be saved.

The team have sent PAWS glowing reports (see below) about their Paxos experience and we sincerely hope that they will all return.

Reports from the team:


I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 weeks volunteering for PAWS. I was very impressed with the set up at the clinic and the dedication of both the volunteers and trustees. It was lovely to see how much everyone genuinely cares about animal welfare on Paxos and they work so hard to improve things. Faye & Di were extremely welcoming and helpful and are a real credit to PAWS.


Volunteering for a cat charity in Greece has always been on my wish list so I jumped at the opportunity when I saw the post advertised with WVS. It was easy to see on arrival that PAWS does a fantastic job in looking after the island's cats. Faye & Di are absolute treasures!

We also got to know Hara well who is lovely and one of the top volunteer trappers.

On recommendation we got to explore the island after work and on days off. I hope to be joining PAWS again in the future.


I have just completed 2 weeks as a RVN with PAWS on Paxos for their ongoing TNR project. The PAWS clinic is a a great place to work, well equipped and organised. Faye & Di went over and beyond to make us feel welcome.

All the volunteers who trap each morning and attend the daily feeding stations play a huge part in this fantastic charity who are doing all they can for the welfare of the cats on this beautiful island.

I am very proud to have been part of this project and would love to participate again.

Lindsay as Director of PAWS was sorry not to have met the team but would sincerely like to thank them all for their hard work and kind words about the charity. PAWS would be delighted for you to return!

Heather told PAWS that she became very attached to a young kitten called Harry that was already being cared for at the clinic for a severe injury on his left hind foot that wasn't healing. The team decided that amputation would be the best course of action. Harry recovered very well with an increased appetite after only 24 hours. He was kept hospitalised at the clinic for a week and given daily pain killers. Over that period he became more confident and very vocal at meal times! After 7 days, he was allowed to roam free overnight inside the clinic. There was no problem about his mobility as in the morning the team found he had jumped on the sink, knocked everything on the floor and had disconnected the water pipe! A decision was then made to release him in the PAWS clinic garden the next day. He zoomed off on his 3 legs to explore and has since been seen every day in the clinic garden returning for his food.

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