October Team on Paxos

Posted on 28th October 2022

PAWS was delighted that Mike Houlihan and Mandy Cooper wanted to volunteer again for the charity. As in 2021, they were assisted by Jenny Proctor the first week and Amy Readthorn the second. The team did a fantastic job and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Mandy's report of the visit:

Firstly the figures:
123 cats neutered - 59 males & 64 females. 3 other procedures plus 5 consultations.

Mike and I arrived on Paxos on Saturday afternoon in beautiful sunshine accompanied by Jenny and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday on Anti Paxos in preparation for the working week ahead.

The volunteer trapping team were organised and productive bringing us 13 cats on the first day. Due to their continual efficiency we neutered our best ever total with only one quiet day due to stormy weather.

During the week, local resident Frances brought one of her cats Bob for a check up (see photo gallery below). He was a stray that had jumped into her car in 2021 thin and debilitated and a year later transformed into a handsome healthy cat...well done Frances!

After a busy 1st week, we relaxed at the weekend and with guidance from Di & Ian Mitchell visited the Tripitos Arch and enjoyed amazing views.

Amy joined us on the 2nd week and slotted immediately back into her role as if she had never been away!

We all noticed that the cats this year seemed healthier with little evidence of cat flu. We did see a few cases or pillow foot, one of which was a lump removal as the pad had burst open.

On our last day, Faye and Hara accompanied us on a lovely walk with fantastic views and a visit to a private church which was very special. This was followed by a mezze lunch and beers in the sun at Fontana,....what more could you ask for!

Amy said:

I was delighted to join Mike and Mandy again for a week during which time we neutered 73 cats! Working at the PAWS clinic for the second time reminded me just how much I fell in love with the charity and the island of Paxos. PAWS does amazing work and I am endlessly impressed with the dedication of the trustees and volunteers. Every morning the volunteers went our early to catch cats ensuring the whole process was as calm and stress free as possible....such a wonderful group of people with huge hearts.

This year I managed to see much more of the island and had a trip to AntiPaxos on a day off which was wonderful.

I cannot thank PAWS enough for another amazing experience and for all their hard work and dedication to improve animal welfare on this beautiful island.

Lindsay as Director of PAWS is once again so grateful for the team's hard work and all their lovely comments. We are all so pleased that Mike, Mandy, Jenny & Amy have all agreed to return in 2023!

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