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Veterinary services

Delivering veterinary services to Paxos:

In 2016 and 2017 the PAWS clinic was open every month of the year. Since Nefeli Damigou joined the team she has covered all the winter months in both 2015/16 and 2016/17. Russell Lyon worked 2 days a week at the clinic for 4 months from March 2016 and one month in 2017. He retired from PAWS work in June 2017 and will be greatly missed. His dedication and support to the charity over the last 8 years has been outstanding. Thanks must also go to Russell's wife Chris and vet nurse Zoe Tomkinson who were an enormous help and support to both Russell and PAWS.

Other teams in 2016/7 included Andrea Rhodes, Heidi Hargreaves & Julie Collins and Mike Houlihan & Mandy Cooper and vet Joe Lubberink assisting Russell in 2016.

Picture shows Nefeli & Russell in the consultation room.

PAWS vets were present on Paxos for 8 months during 2015 which was a substantial increase on 19 weeks in 2014. 

PAWS  also assisted with 2 visits by Animal Action in 2013 and 2014

During the winter months of 2014/2015 PAWS arranged for Staphis Konstantopoulos to visit Paxos on a monthly basis and work at the new clinic and around the island.

PAWS vets treat both domestic and feral cats.  Subsequent to opening the new clinic in September 2013, we are now able to operate safely on dogs and we are encouraging as many owners as possible to have their dogs neutered. PAWS vets have also attended a wide range of other animals including donkeys, chickens, goats, seagulls and owls.

PAWS works closely with the authorities to help control the population of cats by sterilisation and general health checks.  

PAWS vets can inject your cats and dogs with vaccines, but you will need to provide the vaccine.  PAWS can provide microchips and rabies vaccine for your animals for a nominal donation. PAWS hopes to continue its education programme focusing on neutering and help with the prevention and treatment of Leishmaniasis.