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Spithas saved

The story of Spithas is in two parts. When Lindsay was in Paxos in June 2106, she was contacted by a tourist Sarah Enderby about a dog that was tied up all day in the heat to a broken down van near Loggos. There had been several complaints about the dog and PAWS was informed that it had been moved to a more suitable location. However Lindsay & Sarah discovered that the dog was still in the same place but had just been moved further back in the rubbish dump behind several abandoned vehicles. Considering the situation, Spithas looked quite healthy and was very friendly and delighted to see us. We decided to take him for a walk which he thoroughly enjoyed, but exhausted us as he was so full of energy! Sarah was very keen to adopt him but sadly the owner was reluctant to let Spithas go unless we paid him a large sum of money. Sarah remained in contact with PAWS throughout the summer in case the owner of Spithas changed his mind.

Much later in the year, Spithas was abandoned at the PAWS clinic as the owner now no longer wanted him. Abandoned dogs are always a great problem for PAWS as we don't have the infrastructure or financial resources to run a rescue centre. However thanks to the dedicated efforts of Faye Lychnou and Di Mitchell, Spithas was lovingly cared for at the clinic for over 3 months whilst Lindsay in the UK and supporters on Paxos tried to find him a home. After making numerous phone calls and sending hundreds of emails, a new home was finally found. Victoria Gaskell and Ken Monkou who are regular visitors to Paxos decided to take the plunge and adopt him. Spithas was then made ready for his journey, transported back to the UK with Roy Churchill from Corfu Connections and finally given his forever home in Yorkshire. It was love at first sight for both parties and as you can see from the photos in the Spithas photo gallery he is having a wonderful life. PAWS is very grateful to Victoria and Ken for coming to his rescue.

PAWS would also like to thank Sarah Enderby who has continued to take an interest in Spithas and very generously donated money towards his repatriation which was then donated by Victoria to PAWS.