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Russell's Report 2015

Russell Lyon and his wife Chris visited Paxos for 3 months again in 2015 from April - July. They worked at the clinic on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week and Russell diligently covered emergencies when the clinic was closed.They were kept very busy and PAWS is extremely grateful for their dedication to animal welfare on Paxos.

They were joined by vet nurse Zoe and her partner James in June and worked full time for two weeks as volunteers for PAWS. Once again, Zoe and James made a big effort in catching feral cats around the bins which were taken to the clinic for neutering and a MOT.
Their time together also included a trip to Anti Paxos to treat Duke, a mastiff dog that had a badly infected wound - see report below.

During his visit Russell neutered 126 cats, 12 dogs, performed several eye enucleations, dentals and other operations. Four animals needed to be hospitalised - three with successful outcomes - see report below. Russell also dealt with 244 consultations which included nearly every species on the island including sheep, goats, donkeys, seagulls, an owl, a hedgehog and a snake.

Russell and Chris were especially proud of the school trip that was arranged at the end of April, details and photos of which can be found under News and Events and photo gallery.

 Below are some of the highlights of Russell's visit taken from his report:

All the animals that were hospitalised required fluid treatment. The cat had a blocked bladder which was relieved but unfortunately the condition had been left too long untreated and despite i/v drips for 3 days died due to kidney failure.

Lucy is a little apricot coloured poodle which had severe diarrhoea and vomiting after being fed chicken bones. It was seen at midnight when I believed it was within minutes of dying due to shock and dehydration. Fortunately i/v drip fluids pulled it back from the brink and it survived. The saga went on for about a week with the dog hospitalised and needing late night and early morning visits to check in the clinic. It also involved sending her to Corfu for an X-ray as I thought she might have a bone stuck in her intestine. Fortunately she did not and has now made a full recovery.

The other animal which needed i/v fluids was a little Siberian husky puppy just bought from a mainland puppy farm. He developed extreme diarrhoea and vomiting after 4 days and I suspected Parvo virus infection. Luckily 24 hours on fluids put him right and he and the owners were very happy – eventually - but it was touch and go for a few hours. Surprisingly the owner thought buying a dog from a puppy farm was the correct procedure and it cost him a small fortune to buy.

Another highlight was a trip to Anti Paxos to treat a Corsican Mastiff called Duke with a septic wound. It is a young very large and potentially aggressive dog which had to be anaesthetised to be treated. Once asleep and the wound cleaned and treated I said that it would be a good idea to castrate him at the same time. To my amazement the owners agreed and it was job done! We all stayed the night on Anti Paxos in Faye’s villa and it was a magical experience sitting out in the warm night, drinking Anti Paxos wine and watching the stars and satellites go by while being bitten to bits by mosquitoes.

I examined and treated an owl which had become entangled in a net in an olive tree. It was very tiny Otus scops which the Greeks call a Koukouvaia. Despite the rescuer thinking it had a broken leg or wing it turned out just to be exhausted and a few hours peace and quiet allowed it to recover well and it hopped then flew away early evening when I closed the clinic for the night.

We had two away days to Mongonissi where the feral cats were proving a real headache to the Taverna owners. We neutered and spayed 12 cats in total. Theo was very pleased with the outcome as all the cats stopped hanging about and pestering the diners. Excellent result!

Russell and Chris are greatly loved and respected on Paxos and PAWS hopes that long may their good health and excellent work continue!

Photos of this trip can be found in the photo gallery.