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Nefeli's Winter Experience

PAWS was delighted that Nefeli Damigou agreed to volunteer at the clinic for 3 months during the winter of 2015/16. From December to March, Nefeli worked 2 or 3 days a week at the clinic and covered emergencies. She was kept very busy and was ably assisted by Faye Lychnou.

Below is a brief report from Nefeli about her time on Paxos:

My name is Nefeli Damigou and I volunteered for Paws between December 2015 - March 2016.

Helping Paws project was a great experience for me. There were many volunteers from all over the island who contributed to that project.

Approximately we had 200 visits during that period. In that number we include cats and dogs spays/castrations, emergency cases like RTAs, eye problems, skin problems, respiratory probems, otitis, deflea and deworm treatments, vaccinations, trauma surgical care, blood tests, Leishmania check and treatment, rechecks and more complicated cases.

We approximately spayed/ castrated 70 cats and 10 dogs.

I really appreciate the services that PAWS offers to the island and the great job that is doing for Paxo’s animals.

I am grateful working with PAWS and I would like to express my gratitude to all the volunteers and especially Faye Lychnou who happily came to help me with the clinical work and created a very pleasant environment to work in.

Nefeli left Paxos in April 2016 for a few months to work in Malta. However since September 2016, she has stayed on Paxos, working for PAWS and is now the registered municipal vet for the island. 

As well as the veterinary work at the clinic, a meeting was arranged with the local Hunters Association where Nefeli Damigou & Faye Lychnou represented PAWS.

Enclosed are 2 photos and a summary of this meeting as reported by Faye:

Kostas Petrou, new chairman of Paxos Hunting Association and Simos Keikidis, former chairman of the same association called this meeting at Votza taverna on Sunday 14th February 2016 to announce new plans and activities for 2016 and also to obtain information about the PAWS clinic and its services. 

Nefeli Damigou and Faye Lychnou responded to the invitation and spoke in front of 50 local hunters about PAWS, its work within the last 10 years, the clinic and its services and equipment, the new Greek laws on pets and farming animals. Vet Nefeli Damigou informed the participants on new treatments for Leishmaniasis, a dog disease widely spread in Greece and Paxos. Faye Lychnou explained the necessity of creating the Commitee for Stray Animals Policies and asked the hunters to be more responsible when it comes to dog birth control, the necessity to uphold Greek laws on microchipping, neutering, abandonment of dogs, wellbeing of animals. 

PAWS hopes to continue this co-operation with the Hunters Association and our head vet Russell Lyon who will be in Paxos from the end of February until July is willing to assist in any way. See March update on Meeting with the Hunters under News & Events.