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Mike & Mandy 2021

PAWS was delighted that Mike and Mandy returned to Paxos again and so pleased that they had such a successful trip.
Below is some of the details of their adventure taken from reports sent in by vet nurses Mandy and Amy.

Firstly the figures: 
109 Cats neutered - 65 females & 44 males
Plus several other operations including tail and ear amputations plus worm treatments and eye infections.

Mandy reported:
It felt very special travelling back to Paxos after a two and a half year gap due to the pandemic. This is our sixth trip to PAWS since 2014, during which we have noticed a gradual improvement in the health of the cats on the island.
This year we saw largely healthy, well-fed cats with very little evidence of cat flu. This is very satisfying to see and highlights the importance of neutering. Providing the island with healthy, happy cats also gives us a sense of achievement in that we have played a part in this process.

On our first week we were accompanied by Jenny, an experienced vet nurse and college friend. It was her first visit to PAWS and Paxos and she was overwhelmed by the beauty of the island. Jenny thoroughly enjoyed her visit and slotted into the team well. The second week we were joined by vet nurse Amy, who considering had not met Mike and I before, soon understood our routine and like Jenny, was a keen and enthusiastic team member who thoroughly enjoyed her visit.

PAWS together with Mike and Mandy would like to thank the trapping team - Faye, Di, Hara, Frances and Suzy. They did a great job providing the vet team with a steady flow of cats to neuter, despite the mixed weather. Without them we would have been unable to do our own job and get our record number of neuters - so WELL DONE.

Kitten Bin Rescue:
During our first week someone found a kitten in one of the bins outside the clinic in Magazia with a tin stuck onto his head! The poor kitten , we decided the least stressful procedure was to sedate the kitten in the bin as we were unable to coax him into a basket- he couldn’t see and must have been terrified. This involved Mike with step ladders , climbing into the bin! After a short period, we were able to remove the kitten from the bin and safely into a basket. The tin was easily removed off his head, no damage done so was castrated as well. One very lucky little cat - see photos below.

Update on Nelson:
As usual, my first day in Magazia involved a visit to Nelson, Emma and friends, just a short distance from the clinic.
We first met Nelson in 2018, when as a tiny kitten, he came into the clinic with a damaged eye that needed removing - hence the name Nelson! Di nursed him for us alongside another kitten - Emma. Eventually they were released together in Magazia.
The following year Nelson was back in to see us with Helen and Jeff, the careers and feeders of this small colony. On examination we found he had a jaw bone infection. This involved several weeks of antibiotics and nursing care by Helen and Jeff before he was released back with Emma.
Three years on it is great to see him looking so well. He even came over to me when I called his name! He still lives alongside Emma as well as feline friends Nigel and Sarah. They all look healthy and well fed which is lovely to see and I made sure to provide them with extra biscuits as often as I could during our stay. Here’s hoping to see them all next year!

Finally many thanks to Faye who looked after us all so well during our stay. She was always there to help if needed plus arranged  some fabulous meals out. On our last day, she organised a trip to a local church, which was opened especially for us. As well as a short walk with some  historical facts about the island, ending in a spectacular coastal view. A very special ending for our 2021 trip.

Vet nurse Amy said:

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to volunteer for PAWS on Paxos and had the most amazing experience. We worked very closely with PAWS volunteers on the island who in the morning would catch cats for us and bring them to the clinic where we would do the surgery. The whole process from capture to release was so smooth and stress free for both us and the cats. There were a couple of cats sadly hit by cars brought to us and it was nice that people knew PAWS was there to help. We also reunited a lost dog with its owner. 

It’s hard to find anybody on the island who doesn’t love cats and the hard work from PAWS was clear to see. The majority of the cats seen were in excellent condition due to being well monitored, fed and cared for all year round by such wonderful and passionate people.

I cannot praise the PAWS team enough. My whole trip was very well organised and the work and effort put in by members both on the island and off was incredible. I’ve had the most wonderful time and I’m so happy I have found my little cat paradise. I’m already counting down the hours until I can visit again!