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Mike & Mandy 2018

Having had a break in 2017, Mike Houlihan and Mandy Copper very kindly offered to volunteer at the PAWS clinic in August 2018. They were joined in the first week by Mandy's partner David and vet nurse Debbie. During the 2nd week, vet Judy Williamson and her son James came to Paxos to experience volunteering for the first time at a municipal clinic in Greece.

Lindsay had met up with Mike, Mandy & David in London 2 weeks before their departure and discussed ideas about their visit as well as asking them to do various jobs at the clinic! David as always was keen to help with anything that PAWS needed. He and Debbie made a great job of putting together and painting 2 new feeding stations that had been recently made by Rod Turner and sent to Paxos. David was also at hand to mend the air conditioning unit that was essential in August on Paxos!

Various volunteers led by Vaggelis Roubis helped to catch stray cats and bring them to the clinic for neutering or medical treatment. During their stay, the team neutered 56 cats as well as carrying out an eye enucleation, removing an abscess and a tumour. Our Greek municipal vet Nefeli Damigou assisted with the abscess and tumour operations.

There were various consultations, one of which was at 10pm where a dog that had eaten a lot of bones was violently sick!

Photos of their visit can be found by clicking here in The Photo gallery

PAWS is very grateful to Mike and his team and we do hope that they will volunteer at the PAWS clinic again.