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Mike & Mandy 2016

Mike Houlihan and Mandy Cooper once again volunteered to help at the PAWS clinic at the beginning of September 2016. Mandy's partner David accompanied them for the first week and was chief receptionist. A new vet called Alexandra Tocu joined the team for the second week and quickly got stuck in and proved extremely helpful and professional.

They were kept very busy at the clinic with both operations (21) and consultations (44), but also carried out 4 home visits as well as several patient collections and drop offs.

Mandy reported that their biggest success story concerned a cat called Riri who the vet team suspected had been in a road traffic accident.On examination, he appeared quite weak, inappetant and had bruising to his head and abdomen as well as a fractured jaw and abdominal hernia. Most worrying though was the evidence of maggots around his anal area.

Under anaesthetic, Mike cleaned off all the maggots, repaired the jaw and cleaned all the wounds. He went home that evening very weak but the owner Dina, was willing to nurse him according to instructions. Riri's progress was then monitored daily and after a few days, Riri decided that he was much better and went missing! On his return he was brought back to the surgery for a further examination. Everything was fine and although he may need further surgery for his hernia repair, he is one very lucky cat!

The team were visited by Gill Tarlington from Jean Sainsbury who for the last 2 years have donated a grant to PAWS. She seemed very impressed by the clinic and the work of PAWS and hopefully Jean Sainsbury will continue to support us.

More photos of Mike & Mandy's visit can be found in the photo gallery.