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Kim & Claire March 2017

Vet nurses Kim Pearce and Claire Roberts volunteered to go to Paxos at the end of March and help vet Nefeli Damigou at the PAWS clinic. Their trip was sponsored by WVS who also donated the supplies needed for the neutering project. However since the PAWS clinic deals with the majority of veterinary needs on the island, their week was very diverse.

Below is an extract from Kim's report of Day 1:
We woke up to another gorgeous sunny day on Paxos. We met with Nefeli, the PAWS local vet to travel to the clinic. On arrival there were several clients already waiting with their pets. As Greece is such a relaxed country, owners tend to turn up as and when they like rather than at specific times for appointments. After dealing with these clients, we were able to start the neutering of feral cats. Unfortunately the volunteers had only managed to trap two cats on that particular day. On sedation of the first cat, I noticed a change in it respiratory pattern and when Nefeli further investigated, with the help of ultrasound, we were able to see a diaphragmatic hernia was present and so we had to abort the spay. The other cat had a lot of discharge from its eyes and nose due to the cat flu virus and so again this one was not suitable for neutering. Both cats were then released at the capture site and the traps reset for that night. Also that day, duting the morning, Paki, was admitted as an emergency due to being attached by another dog and bitten through the chest. Paki had several broken ribs, several deep puncture wounds all the way in to his lungs and pneumothorax. He needed a lot of nurse care and attention to start him on the road to recovery.  We also saw several other patients throughout the day included a lovely spaniel with a hairline fracture to its olecranon, a dog carrying leishmania and several itchy cats with ear mites. We left the clinic that evening feeling quite drained from the busy day. The local volunteers planned on bringing 6-8 cats to spay for tomorrow and so it was back to the apartment to rest up ready.

The rest of their busy week included a variety of different cases as well as neutering 12 stray cats. Paki the injured dog that appeared on Day 1 came in every day to be checked and the team were hopeful that he would make a full recovery. The final patient of their stay was a baby goat who was limping. Kim reported that after several injections and much posing for photos, he was sent home feeling much better! - see photo gallery for more photos.