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Janet & Gaby 2021

As Janet reported... 'It all started in February 2020 when Lindsay phoned to ask if I was willing to volunteer on Paxos again later that year....YES PLEASE I said!

However, when Covid struck we had to wait another 19 months until we finally set foot once more on the beautiful island of Paxos.

This time Gaby was the volunteer vet nurse and her boyfriend Joe which would be great as another pair of helping hands. After multiple forms and tests, constant moving of goalposts, supply chain difficulties which were all negotiated we finally met up at Bristol airport on Sunday September 19th.

We arrived at Gaios midday Monday, quickly dropped our luggage at Katerina's apartment, changed into scrubs and hurried up to the clinic where 5 cats were waiting to be neutered! Gaby had a steep learning curve but grasped the situation very quickly and was extremely calm and efficient. On Tuesday, we neutered 10 cats and on Wednesday 20, when we started to panic about the exponential growth in numbers! Fortunately the rest of our trip was steadier and on the 2nd Friday we arranged to visit Anti Paxos which is one of my favourite places in the world.

We were welcomed by Mary & Giampi who were not only amazing company, but beyond accommodating supplying the boat transport, working accommodation, and a superb lunch. Gianpi's boat was loaded literally to the gunwales with baskets, traps, towels, instruments, drugs and supplies with only just enough room for ourselves. We neutered 8 cats at Mary's house and then after lunch went to a neighbour to neuter another five. It was then a flurry of activity to get everything back to the clinic in Magazia, washed and tidied away ready for the next team.

In total we neutered 104 cats, amputated one ear tip with cell carcinoma, treated 3 kittens for flu and one cat with a cancerous nose.'

Gaby reported that she and Joe thoroughly enjoyed their first experience on Paxos  and were delighted with the welcome they were given and being taken out to dinner by Faye. They both loved exploring the island in their free time and like Janet were enchanted with Anti Paxos and its stunning beaches.

The weather was very kind throughout so they were able to swim under blue skies on their days off.

Gaby said she would definitely recommend volunteering for PAWS!

Lindsay as Director of PAWS is so grateful to the team and the volunteers who made this trip such a success and sincerely hopes she can persuade Janet, Gaby & Joe to return again in 2022.