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Janet and Karen 2019

Following on from 2018, Janet Brenton and Karen Hancock bravely offered to volunteer again in 2019. Other members of the team were Karen's husband Dave and 18 year old student Katie Bates who was on work experience. They all travelled together from Bristol without any problems (unlike the previous year) and were ready to start work at the PAWS clinic on Thursday September 26th. We had arranged for various volunteers to help with catching cats for which the team were very grateful. Di and Ian Mitchell were outstanding and helped the team every day. PAWS had been given a grant for this visit from Greek Cat Welfare Society and the target was to neuter at least 55 cats. Well.... the team surpassed all expectations and neutered 126 cats and one dog in 9 days which was absolutely brilliant.

They were delighted that this year many locals also brought in cats to be neutered, which although a challenge linguistically was good to see. The team made good use of the oxygen anaesthetic machine as a back up to the intra-muscular injections. Their busiest day was 21 cats which I understand was a bit hectic and a bit stressful trying to keep up with all the autoclaving and sterilising of instruments. The vet Janet also removed rotten teeth from various cats, amputated cancerous ear tips and examined 2 litters of puppies, one of which was found at the rubbish dump.

Despite all their hard work, they still found time to enjoy the beauty of the island, particularly the first weekend when the weather was glorious. A rather violent thunderstorm during the 2nd week resulted in loss of power for several hours over 2 days but the team soldiered on regardless!

PAWS is extremely grateful for all their hard work and sincerely hopes that will return to Paxos again in 2020.