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Fund raising

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Fund raising has always been vigorous and, despite the global economic difficulties, we have several loyal and generous sponsors. 


We are very grateful for the continued support from Greek Animal Rescue (GAR), Greek Cat Welfare Society (GCWS), 

Jean Sainsbury and France Hayhurst who have all donated grants to PAWS this year.


Already in  January, Greek Animal Rescue has donated £3000 towards our Dog Neutering Voucher Scheme. France- Hayhurst has just donated £3600 towards the purchase of a new autoclave and an oxygen concentrator. WVS has donated £500 worth of surgical supplies which were posted to Paxos in early March. Greek Cat Welfare Society also donated £2000 in March to neuter 80 cats.  Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 virus, PAWS has cancelled the first UK neutering team that were due to work at the clinic at the end of March. We hope that subsequent team visits planned for the end of the year will go ahead.

PAWS is extremely grateful  to all our sponsors for their continued support.


We are delighted to report that Greek Animal Rescue (GAR) has again donated £2000 towards our dog neutering programme as well as offering to help financially with supplies and traps. The plan will be to neuter stray dogs and where appropriate offer financial incentives to dog owners to have their dogs neutered and microchipped at the PAWS clinic. PAWS hopes to produce leaflets and offer educational advice on the benefits of neutering in our continuing effort to improve animal welfare on Paxos and avoid puppies and dogs being illegally dumped or abandoned.

In June Jean Sainsbury again donated £2000 towards the running costs of the PAWS clinic.

GCWS donated £2000 in August for the neutering of 50 stray cats at the PAWS clinic


Greek Animal Rescue (GAR) donated £2000 towards a dog neutering programme.

WVS donated £2000 worth of supplies for Rick Appleton's visit to the PAWS clinic in April

Jean Sainsbury donated £2000 towards the running costs of the PAWS clinic


Jean Sainsbury donated £2000 in March 2016 and £3000 in February 2017 to help with the running costs of the PAWS clinic. 

In February 2016, The Dogs Trust UK agreed to a grant of £4600 for roof repairs at the PAWS clinic. The work was carried out successfully in May 2016 by CSL builders - click  here on News and Events to read more.

An application was made in January 2016 to the France-Hayhurst Foundation for financial assistance with buying new equipment. PAWS was delighted when that the application was successful and we were able to purchase an Ultrasound machine with 2 probes and a microscope.

WVS and Marchig contributed to flight costs and expenses of 2 vet teams and donated over £2000 worth of supplies in 2016. Once again in 2017 they have donated £2000 worth of supplies and agreed to help with the expenses of 2 vet teams.

After a meeting with the mayor at the end of November 2016, Paxos municipality agreed to donate 1500 euros for supplies. In November 2017, the municipality very kindly donated a further 2000 euros to the clinic.

Previous donation and Grants:

2015: Jean Sainsbury donated £1000 to help with the building of new feeding stations and Paxos municipality donated 1000 euros for supplies. WVS and Marchig contributed to flight costs for the September team and donated over £1000 worth of supplies.


Rick Appleton who joined the PAWS team in 2014 was at the time working for Stanley House Vets in Colne. The vet practice raised £250 for PAWS by collecting the donations given by clients in September for nail clipping services. Our sincere thanks goes to all concerned and to Rick who volunteered for PAWS again in 2015.

Residents on Paxos regularly arrange fund raising events on Paxos, which include curry evenings, bring & buy parties and Boxing Day swims. The latter event raised 212 euros in 2015 and 206 euros in 2016

Ian & Elisabeth Bleasdale, the cartographers of the footpaths of Paxos, have always been avid supporters of PAWS and arrange fund raising events both in Paxos and the UK.  They generously donated the proceeds of their walking book to PAWS in 2012 and 2013.

In 2013, Lucy Davis whose parents, Pam and Les live on Paxos walked 100k from London to Brighton raising money for PAWS. This was an incredible achievement and Lucy raised £1321.50. The same year, Lindsay raised over £1000 doing a 56k walk along the Trans Pennine Way. Both these events are recorded in the photo gallery.

PAWS is grateful to the continued support of UK  organisations and to the many tourists and locals on Paxos who donate money either directly to the PAWS bank account or via the collection boxes on the island.