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Faith Restored and Rescued

Beautiful Faith was rescued by PAWS volunteers from the cement pit on Saturday August 29th. She is the sister of two dogs who are waiting at the PAWS clinic to go to their new homes.

PAWS trustee Faye received a call at 7.45 am about the dog being seen in the pit.

With the help of Andreas & Odysseus, the team went to the site with a JCB digger. Andreas was lowered into the pit via the bucket of the digger and carefully dragged Faith to safety. She was then lifted out and washed immediately before being taken to the PAWS clinic for further treatment. Here she was shaved to remove the rest of the dry cement and given lots of care and attention. Her eyes were very inflamed so they were cleaned regularly and eye drops instilled twice a day. She was also on stomach medication to help heal the effects of the cement she must have swallowed.

After several weeks of love and care both at the PAWS clinic and with Di & Ian Mitchell, she gradually recovered her health and confidence and began to enjoy her walks with other dogs.

Five weeks after her rescue, we are delighted to report she has been given a loving home with a vicar in the UK. The last picture in the collage below shows Faith in her new home and the post from her new owners states:

" Faith seems to have found some peace at the new vicarage and the vicars finally have Faith"

Thanks to all our volunteers and supporters who helped with this rescue.