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I would like to introduce you all to Cooper.....
Cooper is an English Setter puppy approx 6 months old and suffering from severe hip dysplasia .
Di and Ian Mitchell from the PAWS team have been fostering him for the last 4 weeks after he was rejected by a hunter on Paxos because of his condition.
Cooper is the most loving , bright and funny little dog and likes nothing more than a good cuddle on the sofa , however he struggles with the pain of his condition every day and needs regular pain relief tablets as well as vitamin supplements and a controlled exercise routine .
When he is around 8-9 months old he will need surgery on his hips to alleviate his pain and help him to lead as normal a life as possible . This is where we ask for your help, we need to raise enough money to pay for surgery on the Greek mainland as we don't have the facilities on Paxos to do the type of surgery he needs.
The estimated cost for his surgery and ongoing medication and care is 2000 euros.
We fully appreciate that it's a really tough time to be asking for donations but we can't sit back and do nothing. He has been cuddled on a couple of occasions for most of the night when he is in a lot of discomfort. The pain relief helps but it is heartbreaking to watch him struggle .
If you would like to donate , even a small amount , towards Cooper's surgery please go to the Contact us page or click here and either use the Paypal button or pay directly into the PAWS bank account.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and we will keep you updated with Coopers progress on our Facebook page.

Update on December 13th:
We took Cooper to Paxos Veterinary Clinic last Thursday for his first X-ray. We knew things were not good because of the way he sways while trying to walk and the way he bunny hops up steps but nothing could have prepared us for the images we saw on screen. Both of his hips are completely out of their sockets and we are all amazed that he can even walk! So now we know exactly what we are dealing with and the Orthopaedic vet can give us a much better idea of the best surgery for him. 
There are 2 possible options: Either creating false hip sockets that the ball joints can sit in (that means he will be able to move and feel free of pain) or inserting metal plates and screws (which will give him much better and long term results but will be a more expensive procedure). So we are currently waiting for a full report and final decisions on ideal surgical procedure. We have included below in  the photo gallery, two X-ray pics, one showing normal hip joints and the other of Cooper’s hip joints. 
The fundraising total is currently at £1590.....A fantastic amount but still not quite at our £2000 target, so please keep sharing and donating and let’s get Cooper those new hips by January! Thank you to everyone, who has donated, shared his details and sent lovely messages. We really appreciate everyone taking the time to do it.