September Team 2022

Posted on 28th September 2022

The team for September needed to be re-organised as sadly one of our regular nurses Karen Hancock had to cancel because of ill health. However her vet friend Charmaine Cook was still keen to help so we needed to find her some support. Vet nurses Lisa Paszek and Annie Jordan with vet Trevor Munro joined Charmaine and what a successful team they were!

Figures: 106 neuters (53 Females and 53 Males) plus 15 medical cases including abscesses, tumours and dentals.

Lisa was the first to arrive on Paxos and was welcomed by Faye and Di. She then collected the rest of the team from the port on Monday morning September 19th and off to the clinic they went with 5 cats waiting to be neutered! PAWS is extremely grateful for all their hard work.

Below is excerpts from reports sent in by Charmaine and Lisa plus photos -

Charmaine's report:

Despite being a squeaky new team. we worked well together, had great camaraderie and many a good laugh. Lots of tea was supplied by Trevor and I took the team after work on 'special drives' to see around the beautiful island.

I noticed that the majority of cats we neutered were in good condition with minimal cat flu and was very impressed with the PAWS clinic. We all enjoyed seeing the volunteers every day and appreciate how hard they work.

Charmaine's Special case - Russell

A little kitten 4 or 5 weeks old was found caught in a tree, rescued and brought to the PAWS clinic. He was named Russell and given oral re-hydration and medication plus lots of love and attention. We took him to be x-rayed at Nefeli's clinic and were delighted to see that there were no broken bones , just soft tissue injuries. One of the PAWS volunteers Di fostered him for 3 weeks and PAWS is delighted that he has now been adopted by Ioanna on Paxos.

Lisa's report:

As soon as I arrived on Paxos, I received a very warm welcome from Di and Faye followed by a fantastic dinner at Mambos in Gaios.

I picked the rest of the group up on Monday morning from the port and with suitcases in tow, we quickly got straight into surgery and I knew this was going to be a fantastic team. My admiration of the island's regular volunteers is enormous as they care for the island's cats every day of the year.

PAWS has worked very hard to build up the clinic and it is a must see if you visit Paxos.

Lisa's Special case - Domino

We befriended a black and white cat in the garden of our apartments who we called Domino. He was very friendly, so we took him to the clinic to be neutered and health checked. Despite this ordeal, he still came regularly to our apartment to be fed. A few days later, we heard a loud screech and found Domino up a large olive tree holding up his leg. After rescuing him we discovered a large laceration on his right back leg so he was returned to the PAWS clinic for stitches plus anti inflammatory and antibiotic medication. His treatment was continued by Lindsay after we left who also arranged for him to be adopted by Adimos who lives in Gaios. We are delighted to report he is now much better and loving his new home.

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