Janet & Emily - April 2022

Posted on 15th April 2022

It was wonderful to be able to arrange a Spring visit to Paxos and PAWS was delighted when vet Janet Brenton offered to return to Paxos accompanied by vet nurse Emily Fairhurst. Emily came to us from WVS who very kindly contributed to her flight cost.

They were both delighted with their trip and worked extremely hard despite some challenging weather conditions.

67 cats were neutered and 5 other procedures carried out.

Two extracts from their reports below:

Janet: Paxos in Spring...golden meadows, glowing flora, fresh looking olive groves, bright purple Judas tress and broom rape in the PAWS clinic garden plus hundreds of birds under a crystal clear sky! However the object of our trip was not botany but cat neutering. Our total cat count was 72 and we neutered 67 and carried out 5 other procedures. We were also able to enjoy walks to Mongonissi beach and the Tripitos Arch.

The visit was curtailed by rough seas at the start and Easter celebrations at the finish but we greatly enjoyed the hospitality of our Paxos friends and sitting on the balcony in the evening sun.

Emily: Having never been to Greece before, I jumped at the opportunity to to to Paxos. On arrival, we were shown the PAWS clinic by the lovely Faye and in the next four days neutered many cats brought to us by dedicated volunteers. The volunteers transferred the cats to crush cages so that we could inject the anaesthetic quickly and reduce their waiting time. Each cat was given a full MOT whilst asleep including parasite treatment and ear cleaning to help safeguard against disease and illness, It was gratifying to hear how this treatment along with the neutering programme has resulted in long term improvement of the health and condition of Paxos cats

Janet and I celebrated our fortnight's work with a day at Mongonissi beach although off duty, we were still looking at cat's ears to see if they has been neutered or not.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Paxos and can not wait to go back next year.

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