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Autumn vet visits 2015

After Andrea's 1st visit at the beginning of September, Mike Houlihan and Mandy Cooper returned to Paxos accompanied by Mandy's partner David Beardmore and vet nurse Debbie Gilbertson. They had to cope with a number of strays that unfortunately had been abandoned at the clinic, but still managed to perform several operations and carry out a lot of consultation work. Debbie fell in love with one of the abandoned dogs Nettles and has now given her a loving home in Cheshire. David Beardmore kindly assembled 3 of the new feeding stations that Rod Turner had made in the UK and had been sent to Paxos.

(Sadly PAWS is not able run a re-homing centre as well as a vet clinic so we have had to draw up guide lines to emphasise that stray animals can not be left at the clinic)

The next team was led by Rick Appleton, Rosemary Leslie and Sue Scott who were extremely busy and did an excellent job. They were very ably assisted by Rosemary‚Äôs son Stuart who came for a holiday but was thrown in at the deep end when vet nurse Sue Scott had to return to the UK to care for her mother. The autumn visits were completed with a return trip by Andrea Rhodes accompanied by vet nurses Julie Collins and Tash plus vets Adam Urbanski and Agata Klimczyk. Once again Andrea and her team were very industrious throughout their stay.

During September and November, the vet teams neutered a total of 193 cats and 12 dogs, carried out 32 other operations and attended to over 200 consultations. As always, their work was considerably varied and even included a scrotal operation on a goat carried out by Agata. PAWS is very grateful to all the volunteers who have given their time to work on Paxos.

It is with great sadness that PAWS has to report that Lipstick died peacefully at the clinic in November. He was a dog that had world wide fame, his own website and was much loved by locals and tourists alike. When PAWS was founded in 2005, Lipstick who we think was then probably about 4 or 5 years old, was one of our first customers. He visited the PAWS team every year for a general health check and a grooming session. Lindsay remembers taking him for long walks on several occasions.

Unfortunately over the last 2 or 3 years he became very arthritic and his mobility was greatly reduced. PAWS arranged for him to be given pain relieving medication over the winter months but the storms of 2014/5 were a great trial for him. He was unable to make his usual winter progress to Ozias and remained in Gaios where he struggled to keep dry and warm. During the rest of 2015, his condition deteriorated and after much discussion it was decided it would be unkind to allow him to struggle through another winter. His spirit remained indomitable to the end and everyone who has worked for PAWS is proud to have known him. He is buried at the PAWS clinic. 

Pictures from the top show Rick, Sue and Stuart outside the clinic and Mike and Mandy operating.

See photo gallery for more photos of all these visits.