November 2016 November 2016 Nefeli ready to start the day! 203329723 About to practice on the Ultrasound 203329724 Cherrymou is guinea pig! 203329725 Nefeli 'doing' a male! 203329727 Nefeli the Gardener! 203329728 Lindsay and clinic kitten 203329729 Nefeli and Kate with Scooby 203329730 Just the three of us! 203329731 Rod with Cherrymou 203329732 Cherrymou and Tiki 203329733 Nefel updating vaccination book 203329837 Anna cleaning the instruments 203329735 Anna with poorly kitten from Gaios 203329838 Overnight stay recommended 203329836 Feeling much better 203329720 Nefeli and assistants. 203329839 Lindsay cleaning the cat 203329842 Relaxing the patient before an op! 203329845 Nefeli about to start a spey 203329843 Nefeli and Anna in operation room 203329844 Feeding stations in Loggos 203329721 Lakka feeding station 203329722 Supper with Ioanna and Antonio 203329726 New shelves in consultation room 203349868