How the surgery was renovated. How the surgery was renovated. Orchestra to be relocated 176607245 Clearing the space 176605494 New floor laid in March 2013 176605463 Reclaimed BBQ BBQ Dalek - 'Have Faith' - Ray said! 176605468 BBQ to surgical trolley .... And he was right - An operating trolley -What a marvel that man is! 176605465 Planning the layout 181065999 Laying the partitions 178038643 Partition work 178038642 Partitions looking great 178056717 Master Decorator Chris at work 181066005 Cracks to be repaired 181066004 Faye with paintbrush in hand 181066006 Phil lending a hand 181066007 Les going down low 181066008 Jeff doing the high bits 181066009 The volunteer painting team 181066011 Jaxx about to be creative 181066012 Art work by Jaxx 181066014 Faye & Melina working in the garden 181066013 Colour wash courtesy of Jaxx 181066015 Feature restored in the prep room 181066016 New Surgery exterior 181066032 Eric making the doors 182143764 Finishing touches on the surgery doors 182143765