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Andrea's visit - Sept 2015

Andrea Rhodes has just returned from a very successful and busy trip to the PAWS clinic. She was accompanied by her daughter Harriet (a 4th year vet student at Liverpool university) and Mia Ball (a vet student from Nottingham university). Their flights were once again sponsored by WVS and Marchig who also contributed supplies for this visit.

Their arrival was eagerly awaited by the locals on Paxos and they immediately went to work at the clinic to start on the list of queries.

Harriet and Mia were wizards at trapping cats setting off early in the morning and at weekends with traps and cages in the car. During their stay they carried out 47 cat speys, 33 cat castrations and neutered 5 female dogs and 2 male dogs.

Nine other operations were performed which included dentals, ear cancer removals and an abdominal urethrostomy on a puppy whose mother had chewed off its willie! They also dealt with numerous consultations both at the clinic and around the island.

On the third day, they went to AntiPaxos to visit a sick dog and test for Leishmaniasis. The visceral test proved negative but Andrea diagnosed Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and gave advice on treatment and medication.

They took care of a blind kitten at the clinic and speyed two other cats that had taken up residence there. During the first week, an abandoned dog was brought to them which they all fell in love with and called Nettles (see photo gallery).  Although a bit nervous at the start, Nettles quickly adapted to her new surroundings and was very friendly and well behaved. She was given a full medical, micro chipped and neutered and PAWS is happy to report that a home has been found for her in the UK with Debbie Gilbertson. 

Despite their dedication to duty, Andrea and her team still found time to enjoy a bit of island life and an occasional swim. Andrea is volunteering again for PAWS at the end of October this year and both she and her daughter have offered their services for 2016. Many many thanks from PAWS.

Photos from this trip can be found in the Photo gallery.