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Andrea's report October 2016

Andrea Rhodes and her team once again volunteered to work at the PAWS clinic in October 2016. Their visit was sponsored by the World Veterinary Service (WVS) who kindly contributed to their flight costs and donated £2000 worth of supplies.
Andrea was kept very busy during her 2 week stay and neutered 91 cats, 5 dogs, carried out 17 other operations and attended to over 50 consultations. She was accompanied by vet nurses Julie Collins and Tash Pettit and vets Laura Provis and Heidi Cooper who both volunteered for one week paying their own flights.Below is an excerpt from Andrea's report:

We noticed far more dermatophyte (fungal) skin lesions this year, mainly in cats and we all picked up ringworm from 1 kitten. We had 2 bitch spays which were mother and daughter and showed prolonged bleeding time but both recovered well. Had several cats with horrendous squamous cell carcinomas which were beyond treatment. Julie trapped 6 kittens which were blind with extreme eye ulceration/ruptured corneas so I euthanised them.
On a positive note we felt that the Greek clients were keen on vaccines/worming and there is a general improvement and greater awareness of preventative treatment. Being able to buy routine vaccines from the pharmacy has made a big difference, much easier than having them sent over from Corfu on the boat. We didn't have as much antagonism to trapping cats for treatment and sterilisation. We all enjoyed our trip and get a lot of job satisfaction from working at the clinic. We also feel that the way forward is to have a  Greek vet to treat paying clients in parallel to the volunteer work sterilising and treating ferals and emergency cases. 

PAWS is extremely grateful to Andrea and her team for all their hard work and enthusiasm. More photos can be found in the photo gallery.