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How we began

PAWS History

The Paxos Animal Welfare Society  (PAWSwas founded by Lindsay Geddes and Linda Parker, who together with the mayor, wanted to improve animal welfare on the island.  This beautiful but rather isolated corner of Greece had no regular veterinary facilities but a large population of domestic and feral cats. It was also agreed that winter feeding arrangements should be enhanced and education on animal care was essential.

Since 2005 PAWS is delighted to report that it has treated over 4000 animals and neutered over 2800 cats. Regular teams of vets and nurses visit during the year. 

In September 2013 we moved into permanent premises in Magazia.This is a great step forward for animal welfare on the island.  Thanks to our many supporters, we raised enough funds to buy anaesthetic equipment.  This enables us to expand our services to include neutering and other operations on dogs, whose numbers are becoming an increasing problem.

Winter feeding continues to be successful and food is donated by  PAWS, residents and tourists and distributed by volunteers living on the island. In 2014 two new feeding stations were erected in Gaios and Magazia and cared for by local volunteers. Several more feeding stations were put up in 2015.

Sadly in 2011, Linda decided to retire from PAWS.  She was very enthusiastic and worked extremely hard for five years ensuring the success of the charity.  Lindsay and Linda have many fond memories of bouncing ideas off each other and discussing problems after a day's work, often over a nice glass of wine or Amaretto.  Linda is passionate about animals and is now working for Cat Protection in the UK.  Lindsay is hoping at a later stage she may be able to persuade Linda to collaborate with her again to write a book about their experiences!