Bringing veterinary care to the beautiful Greek island of Paxos

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Paxos Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) specific objectives are to increase veterinary care on Paxos, continue to support winter feeding of the island’s cats and pursue our education programme

PAWS was founded in 2005 by Lindsay Geddes and Linda Parker, who met while holidaying in Paxos.  It has succeeded in making a substantial difference to animal welfare on the island.


Last vet visit of 2014 - September 30th - October 12th - James Forbes working with Rick Appleton & Sue Scott - see PAWS vet teams for their details

Andrea and Harriet fall in love with Paxos - see News and Events

plus photo gallery.


PAWS would sincerely like to thank all the tourists and locals on Paxos who this year have donated so generously and we are delighted that our work is so much appreciated. Thanks to everyone's support, PAWS is looking forward to a successful long term future on Paxos.

Please take a tour of our website to find out more about us.

PAWS team at the opening of the new surgery

Russell and Chris hard at work.